Principles of work of BLUE TRONIC

The fuel controller takes information for the engine regime of work from the original computer of the car. The presence of three fuel maps and a number of parameters to adjust the operation of the engine allows the operation of the vehicle in running on LPG/CNG to be no worse than that of the work on gasoline.

LPG/CNG controller BLUE TRONIC 4.4LC

The new LPG/CNG controller BLUE TRONIC 4.x has a microprocessor that monitors the operation of the engine's cylinders, and calculates individual times for the LPG/CNG injectors. It has three fuel maps - two gasoline and a petrol one to drive 256 engine regimes, with 32 exceptional - 16 of motor brake and 16 of asynchronous enrichment.

The principles of work lays on calculation of new injection times according to the used fuel. When it is necessary the controller can inject benzine simultaneously with the LPG/CNG injection..