Mounting schemes of BLUE TRONIC

Here you will find scheme for mechanical mounting, schemes for electrical mounting of 4 cylinders and 6 cylinders LPG/CNG controller BLUE TRONIC, versions 4.6 and 3.1 and electrical mounting scheme of BLUE TRONIC 4.4LC. Before work we reccomend to read the section "Before starting"!



Before starting to install any system that is in addition to a car, it is required to be checked for the car’s integrity and reliability. Integrity means that the car’s intake manifold or intake tract to be in working order, ie all rubber components, seals and nozzles should be in order. Before putting any additions, you should check for intake manifold leaks!

When the throttle valve closes and the management of idle is controlled idling system that, you must check the vacuum at idle. For most cars it is between 32 and 40 kPa. This measurement is good to be done before starting the installation, because later when you see eg 48 kPa manifold vacuum, you will ask yourself "Why is that? Am I guilty when I was drilling or after drilling displaced collectors are not sealed properly? To avoid such unnecessary questions before starting the installation you can use the LPG controller that is connected to itself MAP, and to take account of the vacuum at idle.

Any deviation from these 32-40 kPa mean the car does not work well at idle. Whether the cause is stepper motor idle control system, whether the advance is wrong, or there are gaps in the manifold - the cause must be found and repaired.

Do not forget to check the ignition system because LPG fuels ignites much more difficult and require much more energy to allow the engine to work accurately and steadily.

Good practice is to use codereader before beginning the installation, to check for any errors and to be sure that lambda probe is healthy because it will be our sensor in the system tuning when exactly it will be determined whether the mixture is rich or poor.

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