We present you BLUE TRONIC 4.x

BLUE TRONIC 4.x is a fourth generation of this family of controllers for use in injection petrol vehicles. Equipped with latest microprocessor model, which works with 3 fuel maps - two petrol and one gas. It comes in two modifications - BT v.4.6, and BT v.4.4LC (low cost).

LPG/CNG controller BLUE TRONIC 4.4LC

It is able to be mounted in all benzine engines, including in mechanical injection and carburettor engines.

The first reason for the presence of the benzine fuel map is the FSI direct injection systems for petrol in some new automotive models. In these vehicles, the injectors are located in the engine head, not the intake manifold.
LPG/CNG controller BLUE TRONIC 4.4LC When the benzine injectors do not work (the car runs with LPG/CNG) in the injectors can overheat and damage. WITH BLUE TRONIC 4.x is able to inject small quantities of gas (2-15% depending on engine load) simultaneously and in this way the gasoline injectors can not be damaged.

In powerful cars with greater engine volume an expensive LPG/CNG reducer is needed, which can provide the required quantity of fuel at the high loads. With the availability of the petrol fuel map LPG/CNG shortage could be compensated by simultaneous injection of petrol and thus to use cheap standard conventional reducer. In the most of the previous models LPG/CNG controllers, the car automatically switches to benzine as the LPG/CNG shortage is achieved.

BLUE TRONIC 4.x represents a system in which the injectors' emulators are not built with electromechanical elements (relays) and are made with secure electronic keys - FET (field emmited transistors) switches.